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Am I guaranteed to get my tickets?

Alex is the best and only service allowing you to delegate the purchase of your tickets for all your events. This way, you are no longer faced with the risks of buying tickets from ticket offices and the prohibitive prices of ticket resellers. More info

At Alex we would like to be able to guarantee your tickets to any event you wish to attend, unfortunately this is dependent on a number of uncontrollable variables.

The capacity of the venue, the demand for the event, the number of dates and the available ticketing outlets are all factors that can affect the complexity of purchasing tickets.

So, depending on these different parameters, it may take us longer to get your tickets. But we will keep you informed on a regular basis if necessary.

Our Flexible Options:

Please note that if you take the different flexibility options of your order (date flexibility and/or category flexibility), you clearly increase your chances of getting tickets. We will then be able to go in search of the tickets you want so much.

Updated on: 05/05/2023