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With Alex, it is not possible to choose the format of your tickets. They are either in electronic format (e-ticket) or in paper format. We cannot confirm this in advance as the format of the tickets is dependent on our suppliers.

-If we receive your tickets in electronic format (e-ticket) from our suppliers, we will send your tickets in PDF format by email to the email address you provided when you placed your order. You will then have to print them on a blank A4 sheet of paper and present them at the entrance of the venue to gain access to your concert.

-If your tickets are delivered to us in paper format, we will send your tickets by registered post to the delivery address you provided when you placed your order. When we send your package, we will send you an email to let you know with a tracking number that will allow you to follow the delivery of your package.

We do not know in advance the format of your tickets, so please fill in your full address as well as your first and last name to ensure that your package is received correctly in the event that you receive paper tickets.**
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