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When will I receive my tickets?

As soon as you place your order, our team at Alex immediately begins the search for your tickets.

You can track the progress of your order from your customer account in the "My Orders" tab by clicking here. Additionally, you will receive regularly email notifications about the status of our search.

As soon as tickets become available for purchase, our team will buy them instantly, and you will be immediately informed.

You can then download your tickets from your customer account or directly from the attachment of the email you received.

Some important information about your tickets:

- Paper ticket: you will receive your tickets by post
- e-ticket: your tickets will be sent to you by e-mail (check your spam folder just in case) and you can download them. You can also download them from your customer area where they will be waiting for you. Your e-tickets can arrive up to 3 days before the event (this depends on the producers and not on our will).
- mobile ticket: to get your tickets, you will have to watch your email (and spam just in case). We will send you everything you need to get them in the mail and only in the mail. The arrival of your mobile tickets can be up to 3 days before the event (this depends on the producers and not on our will).

As for the guarantee of obtaining your tickets, we invite you to consult the following article.

Nota Bene:

Please note that depending on the ticket support mode chosen by the organizer (e-ticket, paper tickets, mobile tickets), ticket delivery may take longer than expected. In fact, some event organizers may take up to 3 days before the event to send the tickets, especially for mobile tickets. We therefore invite you to be patient. As soon as the tickets are available, we will send them to you by email. Don't forget to check your inbox (including your spam folder).

Updated on: 12/05/2023